Drum and Bass India™ Mission 003 – Pebble, March 28th 2014 – PICTURES & AFTER MOVIE TEASER

Drum and Bass India™ Mission 003 in association with Draweedian Gigs & Pebble.

Promotional partners : Electrance India, Ink Fish, HolyStoked Collective, The Movement.
With support from Wild City and Ownage Entertainment.

So, we did it! That night was crazy! Bass heavy! Packed! Madness!

Thank you to each one of you for making it. And a long list of people we have, who helped us in the Mission.

Starting with Haris, thank you trusting us and being so supportive.
Thanks to Saai from Draweedian Gigs, for working with us, your ‘chill macha’ kept us away from all the stress! Haha.

Thank you SuspendednoteS, Kunal Verma (KayVee), Q.E.D, Sonik Distortion and The Untitled One for being a part of this, you guys were all so amazing last night.

Thank you Electrance IndiaInk FishHolyStoked CollectiveThe MovementWild City and Ownage Entertainment for the much needed support.

And last but not the least, thanks to all the guys who made it possible and helped us sell the tickets. Lol.

So, we did it! And we have only just begun!

#DnBIndia #TheMission


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