#BassMondays – March 2016 Favorites

Believe us or not, it just keeps getting difficult each time to pick the top five releases each month, so much so that now we’re thinking of making it 10 from the next month. After all, music makes everyday a lot more beautiful. Here are our favorite five picks from the month of March, a perfect blend of the sub genres, listen to them now, shooing away the remaining Monday blues.  

1. Semitone – Deterrent (Backlash EP)

Released by : Faded Music
Release Date : 14th March 2016

2. SY:RAX – Underworld (Original Mix)

Released by : TBR

Release Date : 1st March 2016

3. Brookes Brothers – Good To Me (feat. Majesty) 

Released by : Viper Recordings
Release Date : 18th March 2016

4. Delta Heavy – Fun House

Released by : RAM Records
Release Date : 4th March 2016

5. Phonetic – Inner Flame

Released by : Influenza Media
Release Date : 7th March 2016

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