#BassMondays – July 2016 Favorites

Trips around the country, conversations with the best of the DnB artists across the globe, some amazing Dub plates and gigs in the pipeline, that’s the month of July for us here. Sharing our top 5 picks of this busy month. Don’t forget share your favorite tune with us!

1. Redders – Vintage Ft. DRS

Release by : Critical Music.

Release Date : 9th July 2016.

2. Technimatic – Antihero

Release by : Shogun Audio.

Release Date : 15th July 2016.

3. Agressor Bunx – Aliens (Freqax Remix)

Release by : Druid Recordings.

Release Date : 18th July 2016.

4. Rich Raw – Oblivion

Release by : Wyatt Noise Recordings.

Release Date : 1st July 2016.

5. Phonetic & Koon – Higher Presence [They Don´t know]

Release by : C Recordings.

Release Date : 11th July 2016.


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