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One thought on “About Drum and Bass India™

  1. Priyanshu Mishra says:

    Hey guys, I am trying to get a DnB/Dubstep scene going in Chennai. There's a couple of reasons for this…..a) I have been a hardcore DnB fan for the last 9 years and the lack of a DnB scene in Chennai (my hometown and my current city of domicile) sickens me. B) I am a DnB/Dubstep DJ and everyday I can feel my soul drain as I am forced to confine my sets to the 128 BPM house tunes. Electro gives me some joy but the lack of a challenge in mixing the tunes gets boring after a while.

    Would be truly grateful of you guys could give me some tips on promoting Drum and bass here. Free entry for my gigs if you guys give me sound support 😀

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